Joanna Kim is a 17 year old guitarist that is equally accomplished on the classical and percussive fingerstyle acoustic guitar. Joanna began her journey at 6 years old by watching Youtube and teaching herself how to play fingerstyle on an acoustic guitar using the internet as she comes from a family with no musical background. During those years, she played solos and duets for small audiences at churches and schools with instrumental guitar and sometimes vocals as a hobby. When she turned 14 years old, she picked up the classical guitar as she met her private classical guitar teacher, Dr. Miroslav Lončar. Ever since then, she has been taking music seriously and over the 3-4 years she has performed and competed with both fingerstyle acoustic and classical guitar. Her local, national, and international competition prizes and achievements include, Top 5 Finalist for Guitar Player Magazine's Acoustic Guitarist of the Year Competition,       Interviewed by NBC News 4, Interviewed by ABC TV Paraguay, winner of all three top prizes at the Marlow Classical Guitar International Competition for three years in a row (Grand Prize, First Prize, and Composer Prize), Second Prize at 2020 Ashburn's Got Talent, First Prize at 2020 Southern Guitar Idol Competition, First Prize at 2020 Aguado Classical Guitar Competition, First Prize at 2020 Bland Classical Music Competition, First Prize at 2020 Mid-Maryland Classical Guitar Competition, Second Prize at 2020 Kithara Project Classical Guitar Competition, First Prize at 2020 BringIt! Music Competition, First prize at 2019 Marlow Classical Guitar International Youth Competition, First prize and Composer Prize at 2019 Aguado Classical Guitar Competition, and many more. She has opened concerts for Willy Porter, Thomas Viloteau, Mak Grgić, Armin Abdihodžić, David Veslocki, and The Arabasque Guitar Duo. She has also had masterclasses with classical guitarists, Zoran Dukić, Scott Borg, Armin Abdihodžić, Mak Grgić, The Beijing Duo, The Arabesque Duo, and The Kossler Duo. Her latest projects include a solo guitar tour in Wisconsin, presenting fingerstyle guitar workshops for middle schools and high schools at guitar festivals, and plans for a recording project including both guitar and vocal skills from Joanna. Joanna's dream is to become a worldwide known musician that can perform different types of music for a wide variety of audiences. She wants to create music and shows that have never been seen or done before. She hopes to bring something new and impact the music industry in a positive way.